20 Ways to Support Foster Children & Foster Families

1. Become a Foster Parent - open your home and heart to children in need

2. Become a Respite Provider

3. Provide emergency foster care

4. Be a community ambassador for foster care

5. Provide a free or discounted service to foster families such as haircuts, house cleaning, restaurant meals, movie passes,        music lessons

6. Assist in recruitment efforts in the community by displaying posters, distributing brochures or hold a recruitment event

7. Donate to the foster care enrichment fund

8. Provide an internship to foster youth

9. Fund a summer activity program at your local school or recreation center for a foster child

10. Offer a foster teen a job

11. Become a mentor to a foster child

12. "Adopt a foster family" by providing them respite, meals, support and a night out

13. Sponsor a "lunch and learn" at your business or church

14. Tutor a foster child

15. Invite Foster Care to do a presentation at your church or organization

16. Talk with family and friends about being foster parents

17. Endow a scholarship for post-secondary education for foster kids

18. Gather information and educate yourself, family, co-workers and friends about the needs of kids in foster care

19. Ask your employer to support foster care through employee/company donations of time and/or money

20. Use social media and blog/tweet/post to engage and inform others about foster care