Racine County Foster Care

Launches 'Bring Them Home' Campaign

Movement aims to keep Racine County foster children in the community

In April 2018, the Racine County Foster Care Program launched a new campaign to help keep Racine County foster children in the community.

The Bring Them Home campaign has two central goals: to recruit and license new foster homes in Racine County and bring back local children who were placed in homes outside the county. The campaign comes as the county has experienced a foster care crisis, seeing both a rise in the number of children placed in foster care and a decline in local foster homes.

Keeping foster children in the community allows siblings to stay together and potentially shorten the length of time children are in out-of-home care. Siblings being separated from each other deepens the trauma facing foster children, who already are forced away from their family home.

The Bring Them Home campaign is a rebranding of the county’s foster care work. The effort includes a social media blitz, videos, grassroots outreach, advertising, and much more. Racine County Foster Care is working with filmmaker Joey Papa, who previously produced a short film, (Un)wanted, about the local foster care crisis.

Map of where Racine County children are placed outside of Racine County


Bring Them Home Foster Care Recruitment Posters

To request posters to display at your place of employment, church or organization, contact Jessica Scheeler at 262.638.6595 or

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