Youth in Governance

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What is Youth in Governance? 

Racine County Youth In Governance brings a youth voice to government while developing confident, independent, and motivated youth leaders. The development of youth leadership is critical to building civic capacity. The Racine County Board of Supervisors, in partnership with Racine County UW-Extension, created the Youth In Governance program allowing youth to serve on County Board committees alongside County Board Supervisors. 

Ten youth serve as Youth in Governance Representatives on five County Board Committees:

  • Economic Development & Land Use Planning
  • Finance & Human Resources
  • Government Services
  • Health & Human Development
  • Public Works, Parks & Facilities

How are Youth in Governance Representatives selected?

1. Adults nominate youth (high school freshman, sophomore or junior at time of application) to be considered as an applicant for Youth In Governance.

2. Youth nominees receive a Youth in Governance application to complete along with a written reference form. Applicants must send the completed application, along with the written recommendation, by the deadline. The application consists of basic contact information, school, GPA, and questions about their intended objectives for the Youth In Governance program and how the program will increase their civic awareness and leadership skills.

3. The Government Services Committee of the Racine County Board reviews the application materials and interviews selected youth applicants. The committee recommends up to ten candidates to the Racine County Board Chairman for official appointment in May each year.

Where can more information be found? 

Learn about becoming a Youth In Governance Representative or how to nominate youth at:

Or, contact the Racine County UW-Extension office at: