Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I get my prescriptions filled at the VA hospital?

A: Yes. Any veteran can enroll in the VA healthcare system. Your income and your disability status will determine if you are required to co-pay for treatment and drugs. Your prescription must be written by a VA medical doctor in order for the VA to provide the medication. 


Q: Can my spouse be buried at the new veterans’ cemetery in Union Grove?

A: Yes. Veterans and spouses are buried together in double-depth graves. There will be a $250 charge for burial of the spouse. 


Q: Where can I find a copy of my discharge paper (dd-214)?

A: Many vets recorded their discharges with their county veterans offices when they left the military. Also, some states, including Wisconsin, have maintained records libraries. As a last resort, your can write the national personnel records center in St. Louis for a file search. The forms needed for this and for most other applications are available at your county veterans service office. 


Q: Is an honor guard guaranteed for a vet’s funeral?

A: No. Although legislation is being proposed to provide flag folders and presenters at veteran’s funerals, for now this service is offered mainly by volunteer firing squads from various service organizations (American Legion, DAV, VFW). High ranking military retirees can usually expect a squad provided by their branch of the military. Requests for honor guards can be made to the funeral director handling the service. 


Q: Why doesn’t my husband’s grave get a flag every year?

A: Flags are placed in May by volunteers who walk the rows of each cemetery looking for vets’ graves. Often, there is nothing on or near the grave to indicate that it should receive a flag. In other cases the grave is simply overlooked. You can ensure your vet’s grave gets a flag by requesting one from the county veterans service office. 


Q: How long do I have to use my education benefits?

A: Federal "GI Bill" benefits and Wisconsin full-time student grants must be used within 10 years of discharge from active duty. 


Q: How do I get a veteran’s home loan?

A: Your first step is to get a certificate of eligibility which will show banks and other lending institutions you qualify for application. Visit or call your county veterans service office for the appropriate forms.