Civil Process

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The Racine County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Division handles the service of legal papers pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 59.27(4), which states "The Sheriff, personally or by the undersheriff or deputies, serve or execute all processes, writs, precepts and orders issued or made by lawful authority and delivered to the Sheriff."  This office is responsible for serving legal papers on individuals such as Subpoenas, Summons and Complaints, Orders and various other papers.  

Our agency has resumed Civil Process services. Please see the Evictions page for information specific to that service.

Papers for service will be accepted at the Sheriff’s Office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays), or they may be mailed to the Sheriff's Office.

Racine County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Civil Process
717 Wisconsin Avenue
Racine, WI 53403

Only papers for service within Racine County will be accepted.  We require two copies of the papers being served.  Prepayment is required. 

The total fee due at the time of service is a Base Fee of $60.00 plus the Mileage Fee.  The Mileage Fee is based on the municipality of the respondent's address.

TOTAL DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE =  $60.00 + One Charge Listed Below

Burlington-   $16.00
Caledonia-  $7.00
Dover-  $13.00
Elmwood-  $3.00
Franksville-  $5.00
Mt Pleasant- $3.00
Norway-  $13.00
Racine-  $2.00
Raymond-  $9.00
Sturtevant-  $4.00
Union Grove-  $9.00
Waterford-  $15.00
Wind Lake-  $16.00
Wind Point-  $3.00
Yorkville-  $8.00

We will send an Affidavit of Service in the mail after service has been completed. We will charge for up to two attempts of service before sending the petitioner an Affidavit of Non Service.  An invoice for Service Attempts ($20.00 per attempt) after service has been completed or attempted up until the accepted date.



Writ of Assistance fee is $60 + Deputy Fees

Writ of Restitution fee is $60 + Deputy Fees

Writ of Replevence fee is $50.00 + Service Attempts

Any questions, please call our Civil Process line at (262) 636-3219, whose business hours are M-F 8AM-2PM.