Dive Team

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 The Racine County Dive Team (RCDT) operates in conjunction with the authority granted the Sheriff and is comprised of local law enforcement, fire, EMS and other public safety organizations operating in Racine County. The team was established by Racine County Resolution No. 2004-59, dated July 13, 2004 for the overall benefit of its member organizations and the public they serve. The team operates under various Wisconsin State Statutes including, but not limited to section 59.27 granting authority to perform operations within the county and, section 2.04 granting authority to perform operations in boundary waters (Lake Michigan).


 The RCDT responds to certain situations such as, but not limited to, emergencies, natural disasters, man made catastrophes, or acts of terrorism where personnel, specialized skill or equipment to perform functions within and outside of Racine County is desirable and necessary to preserve life and in certain cases obtain vital material items to assist the Sheriff in the performance of its duties.