Mail Policy

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All regular incoming and outgoing inmate mail is subject to inspection.  This includes legal mail (privileged mail).  Legal mail is defined as correspondence to or from inmates with attorneys, courts, elected officials, state probation and parole officials, the Sheriff, a jail administrator, or the inmate’s physician, psychiatrist, or other similarly licensed healthcare professional. Legal mail shall be opened and staples removed in the presence of the addressed inmate. All incoming (including legal) mail will be removed from the envelope and turned over to the inmate. For the safety and security of the facility, the envelope will be disposed of. An inmate may request to copy down the return address before the envelope is disposed of.


General mail that exceeds five (5) pages will not be screened and will be placed directly in the inmate’s secure property.  However, once per month, an inmate may request that this restriction be waived upon written request to a Jail Supervisor at least five (5) business days prior to expected delivery.  Such request shall state the reason the waiver is necessary, the number of pages to be delivered, and the expected date of delivery.  Such requests may be granted upon a showing of good cause and at the sole discretion of a Jail Supervisor.  Inmates shall not be permitted to circumvent the page limitation using multiple envelopes or otherwise. 


All outgoing mail must be in envelopes purchased from the commissary and may not be reused in any way.  Outgoing letters may not have any sticky or liquid base on the envelope or the letter.  Outgoing letters with drawings, symbols (including gang symbols), or writing other than the addressee or the return address will not be accepted.   All outgoing mail must be neat, legible, and contain the inmate’s name, SPN #, and housing unit as return address, as well as the name/address of the intended recipient.  Indigent inmates may make a written request to the property clerk for writing paper (8 sheets), and stamped envelopes (4) every two (2) weeks.


Inmate outgoing mail should be addressed as follows:

SPN # 555555
RACINE, WI 53403

Incoming mail will not be accepted in envelopes larger than standard business size.  No oversize mail or cards will be accepted.  Mail containing contraband (e.g., electrical music devices, lights, stamps, newspaper articles, envelopes, or calendars, etc.) will not be accepted, and will be placed in the inmate’s property.  Inmate mail exhibiting stickers, lipstick, stains, or other potentially biohazard substances on the exterior of the envelopes are not permitted and will be returned to sender.  No food or gifts to inmates will be accepted. 


Please see the Aramark i-Care website for more information concerning sending inmates care packages:

CLICK HERE - To Send an Inmate an iCare Package

Only appropriate photos will be accepted.  Photos or drawings exhibiting nudity, semi-nudity, or of a sexual nature or in poor taste will not be allowedPhotos or drawings that show/depict gang signs or containing inappropriate images will not be allowed and will be placed in the inmate’s property. Any photos or letters containing images or items that are found to be illegal will be confiscated and turned over to a supervisor for review and possible legal action.  Incoming mail must be neat and legible containing inmate’s name, SPN number, and housing unit to be accepted.  No provision for certified mailing exists unless there is a legal requirement for such mail to be officially received, and in such instances a written request must be submitted to a Jail Supervisor.  Only personal mail addressed to the inmate will be accepted – NO BILLS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Inmates will only be allowed a total of two (2) newspapers in their living area at a time. 


All publications, including books, newspapers and newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, and other materials that will be provided to inmates for their use in their cells must be mailed to the inmate directly from the original source or an authorized distributor.  Original sources and authorized distributors include, but are not limited to: publishers, bookstores, book clubs, faith based organizations, community based organizations, and other entities as determined by the Racine County Jail. The limit is two (2) books total per inmate in their possession at any time.  It is the inmate’s responsibility to send any excess (over 2) books received thru the mail to the property clerk along with the proper property release form designating the person who will pick up the book.  These excess books must be picked up within seven (7) days or will become Jail Library property.


Subject to security interests, the inmate to whom withheld mail was sent will be given a written notice that the mail was not delivered and the identity of the sender.