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Inmate Property/Clothing

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Inmate Property / Clothing

Within each inmate living quarters (cell or dorm), the following will be allowed: legal papers, personal letters, photos no larger than 4” x 6” (Polaroid pictures are not accepted or allowed), prescription glasses, dentures, and other items purchased through commissary.  Unless approved by the Medical Staff, no dark lens glasses will be allowed. 

Release of Personal Property: The following items can be released from your property to an outside person (family or friend): Jewelry, cell phones, and keys.  A property release form must be completed and submitted to a correction staff member.  The release form must include the full name of the person the property is to be released to, as well as your signature and date.  The person picking up the property must provide a picture identification card and sign an acceptance receipt.  Property pickup times are Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. 

State Prison: Inmates being transferred to these facilities will go in jail orange uniform.  Their legal mail and one pair of glasses is the only other property allowed to go with them.  The inmate must make arrangements to have all other property not accepted by that system picked up within thirty (30) days of the inmate’s departure.  The inmate must fill out the appropriate property release form with the person’s full name that is picking up the property.  The inmate must inform this person to come to the Racine County Jail to pick up the property.  If any inmate leaving for prison does not want his/her property, the property will be given to the inmate, who must then sign the property release form.  The inmate will then be responsible for disposing of their own property (including any jewelry) into the trash container or the inmate may write and sign a statement releasing/donating the property to the Chaplain.  At the end of 30-days, all unclaimed property may be given to charity.  Property located at the jail must be picked up at established property pick up times, which are Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.  Inmate mail will not be forwarded.

Sturtevant Transitional Facility (STF): All inmates transferred to this facility will take all of their personal clothes located in a property bin and their legal mail with them to STF.  A check will be issued from the inmate trust account if there is a positive balance and will be mailed to STF.  All jewelry, medications from admin cabinet, and any other personal property will be subject to the same 30-day property pick up rules set forth in the State Prison section above. Inmate mail will not be forwarded.

Inmates returning to State Prison on WRIT: Will return in prison uniform, along with legal mail, and medications (open blister packs). Inmate checks will be mailed.  All other personal property will be subject to the same 30-day property pick up rules set forth in the State Prison section above. Inmate mail will not be forwarded.

Inmates going to Mendota, Winnebago, or any other State Hospital: These inmates will take all of their property with them - no exceptions.  Inmate mail will not be forwarded.



Q: What property can be released? 
A: Keys, cell phones, jewelry, Quest cards, and insurance cards only.  You must present a valid ID to retrieve the property. No wallets, purses or money will be released.

Q: What time can I pick up property? 
A: From 12:30-1:30 Monday through Friday except holidays. It is best to call ahead of time to ensure that the inmate has completed the property release form before you can receive anything. 
The property room number is 636-3696

Q: When you release an inmate to prison, what happens to their property? 
 When we release an inmate to prison, the property is held for 30 days from the date of their release. If not collected within that time the property will be disposed of.

Q: Can I bring books or newspapers to an inmate? 
 Inmates can have new books shipped to them from a bookstore only. They may receive newspapers, but they must be sent directly from the publisher.

Q: Can I leave hygiene items or undergarments for an inmate? 
A: No, they must order all hygiene items and undergarments from the commissary. You can put money on their account, which would allow them to order these items as well as food and soda from the vending machines.

Q: Can I leave prescription glasses for an inmate? 
A: At any time at the 24 hr jail entrance located on 8th Street. Please bring the written prescription from the eye doctor along.

Q: When can jury trial clothes be dropped off? 
A: Anytime the day before the jury trial at the 24 hr jail entrance located on 8th Street.