Inmate Accounts

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During the intake/admissions process, any money a detainee possess will be placed into an inmate trust account overseen by the jail in accordance with Wis. Stat. § 303.08(3).  The inmate trust account can be used for any or all of the following: commissary program, medical fees, Huber fees, and other authorized disbursements.  

Family members or friends may bring cash, money orders or cashier’s checks for placement directly into an inmate’s account using the kiosk located at the 24-hour jail entrance off 8th street.  The fee structure for cash deposits is as follows:

$0.01 to $20.00 = $2.95 fee

$21.00 to $100 = $3.95 fee

$101 to $200 = $4.95 fee

There is a $200.00 maximum limit per transaction on the kiosk for deposits.

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Upon release from jail, if an inmate account shows a positive balance, a debit card for that balance will be issued. In certain situations at the Jail Administrator’s discretion, funds can be released to family members at the inmate’s written request.


If there are no funds in an inmate’s account to cover their fees and medical expenses, the account develops a negative balance.  Should an account develop a negative balance, any money deposited in that inmates account will be used to repay the amount due.  If an inmate is released from jail with a negative balance in their account, they remain responsible for paying this debt and must make arrangements to do so.  A negative balance does not “go away.”  Any debt incurred is subject to income tax intercept and/or collection agency.  If an inmate returns to the Racine County Jail, any funds they have or that they may receive may be applied toward the existing negative balance.