Huber Information

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Huber Law Privilege Information

 Under Wisconsin State Statute 303.08(1) any person sentenced to the Racine County Jail for a crime, non-payment of a fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court, may be granted the privilege of leaving the jail during necessary and reasonable hours for any of the following purposes: 

  1. Seeking employment or engaging in employment training – Inmate must request to be placed in the work search program. If a job is available, the eligible inmate (upon payment of Huber fee) will be allowed to go to the employment agency and register for employment.  Inmates may be out of the jail only during working hours and reasonable travel time (to be set by Jail staff).  The maximum amount of time an inmate may be out of jail is 12 consecutive hours and 6 consecutive days per week.  Inmates may not work part time jobs (less than 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week) unless approved by Huber Supervisor and/or court ordered.


  2. Performing community service work under s. 973.03 – Prior to beginning community service work, inmates must be accepted into the jail’s community service program and have the authorization of the sentencing court.  For more information, contact the Community Service Officer of the Jail.


  3. Conducting any self-employment occupation including housekeeping and attending to the needs of the person’s family – Inmates’ self employment must be verified by the jail staff by checking pay records, tax forms, business bank statements, business phone statements, business licenses, and/or any other means or records requested by jail staff.  Once self-employment has been verified, those who are gainfully self employed (earning at least minimum wage as defined by law) and have paid the weekly Huber fee, may leave the jail for self-employment during necessary and reasonable times.  Inmates may be out of jail only during working hours and reasonable travel time (to be set by jail staff).  The maximum amount of time an inmate may be out of the jail is 12 consecutive hours and 6 consecutive days per week.


  4.  Child Care - attending to the needs of the family (Child Care/Elder Care), or Housekeeping – Inmates’ child care must be verified by the jail staff by checking the Child (ren)’s birth certificates (which must show the inmate as a parent or legal guardian), social security cards for the child (ren), and a copy of the custodial parent’s work schedule on company letterhead showing the days, hours of work which the jail staff will verify.  If you are the legal guardian, you must provide original documentation form the court showing you are the legal guardian or that you have primary placement of the child. The inmate may be out of jail only during the approved childcare hours and reasonable travel time (set by jail staff).  The maximum amount of time an inmate may be out of jail is 12 consecutive hours and 6 consecutive days.  You must have a court order to conduct any other activity deemed to be Elder Care or “Housekeeping.” 
  5. Attendance at an assessment or treatment program required by a driver safety plan ordered by a court under s. 343.30(1q)


  6. Attending court proceedings to which the person is a party or for which the person has been subpoenaed as a witness.


  7. Attendance at an educational institution – The jail staff must verify the inmate’s attendance at an educational institution by checking a schedule of classes and/or other means.  Once attendance is verified, the student inmate may leave the jail during necessary and reasonable time to attend the educational institution.  Inmates may be out of jail only during scheduled hours and reasonable travel time (to be set by jail staff).  The maximum amount of hours an inmate may be out of jail is 12 consecutive hours a day and 6 consecutive days per week.


  8. Medical treatment - Huber inmates who are ill or injured may go to a medical facility at their own expense.  Ill or injured Huber inmates will not be sent out without a reasonable means of transportation (e.g., An inmate claiming leg pain may not walk to a medical facility.  Such inmate must have a friend or relative take them in case they become disorientated or become unconscious).  When returning to the jail, inmates must have a note from the medical facility on letterhead stating what time they arrived/left the medical facility.  Inmates requesting to seek medical attention on their normal day in may be required to stay in the jail on their next normally scheduled day out.  In an emergency situation a rescue squad may be called, at the inmate’s expense.


  9. Attending a parenting education program.


  10.  Meeting with the Huber inmate’s probation, extended supervision, or patrol officer.


HUBER LAW - Inmate earnings, wages, and/or salary in payroll checks must be turned over to the jail when received, in accordance with s. 303.08(5).  No deductions are allowed except social security, withholding tax and union dues.  The money will be distributed as by law s. 303.08(5).

All Huber Law privileges must be verified before an inmate will be allowed to leave the Racine County Jail.  Failure to abide by these additional conditions/requirements (among others identified by number below) may lead to the loss of work release privileges:

  1. Time Needed to Review Work Schedule: Jail staff requires sufficient time to review and verify a work release schedule.
  2. Motor Vehicle: Inmates who will be operating a motor vehicle while on Huber must have a valid driver’s license and insurance.
  3. Maximum Six-Day Work Week: Huber inmates are not allowed to work more than six (6) days in a row; they must remain in jail on the 7th day.  A work week is considered to run from Sunday to Saturday. 
  4. No “Stops” or “Side Trips”: Inmates are not allowed to make any unauthorized stops for business or personal reasons while on Huber release.
  5. No Socialization: Huber inmates are not allowed to meet with, eat with, or socialize with family or friends while on Huber release.
  6. No Alcohol or Drugs.
  7. Alcohol/Drug Test: An inmate suspected of using alcohol or drugs may be required to provide a breath or urine sample upon returning to the jail.  An inmate’s refusal to take an alcohol/drug test is considered to be an admission that alcohol or unapproved drugs were consumed; this results in the loss of all Huber privileges.
  8. Inmates must follow the rules of the Racine County Jail whenever out of the facility for employment, educational programs, appointments, approved furloughs, or community service.  Rule violations may result in disciplinary action, loss of privileges, legal charges, and/or loss of Huber privileges. 


To be eligible for Huber for employment, the initial Huber fee is $153.00 for the first nine (9) days (payable at the time the inmate is accepted into the Huber facility) and then $119.00 per week thereafter payable no later than Sunday.  You must be paid up for one (1) week in advance at all times or you will not be released for work.  There is no Huber fee for the following: Childcare; Huber for school; or Huber for medical treatment.

The Jail staff may call your location, or ask your employer for time cards or other confirming information.  Law Enforcement Officers may come to your location to confirm you are present.

  1. Inmates that have “Huber” on their sentencing paperwork are eligible to leave the jail as approved, to engage in any activity listed in 303.08 and described in this portion of this booklet.
  2. If the court has limited your Huber eligibility by stating only certain sections of 303.08 on the sentencing paperwork, you will only be allowed to leave the jail to conduct the activity described by the court (examples - Huber for school and work, Huber for child care, Huber for employment only).
  3. You must comply with s. 303.08 and the Jail requirements listed in this booklet.
  4. Inmates must receive permission from jail staff to work overtime before or after their normal shift.  The overtime and travel time may not exceed the 12-hour limit.  Your employer must call and/or fax the request for overtime to the jail.
  5. The fax # is (262) 636-3399.  Specify Male or Female Huber.  
  6. Overtime requests on normal days off must receive permission from jail staff - The overtime and travel time may not exceed the 12-hour limit.  Inmates must not exceed the 6th consecutive day rule.
  7. The jail staff must approve holiday overtime at least 24 hours in advance - the total time out may not exceed the 12-hour limit. The 6th consecutive day rule must be observed.
  8. The Male Huber phone # is (262) 636-3478.
  9. The Female Huber phone # is (262) 636-3369.
  10.  Huber inmates wanting to transfer to another in-state county facility must have the county they want to transfer to identified on the JOC as an alternative facility to serve the sentence in and must present documentation of prior authorization/acceptance from the desired facility.




Q: What do I need for Huber?

A: You will report on time and not under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. When reporting to the Racine County Jail you will be required to complete forms concerning your release on Huber law. We will verify the information you provide and determine your schedule. You will not go out on Huber law privileges the day you report in.  You are not permitted to work more than 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. This includes travel time.  You will need the following to ensure that you will be able to go out on your next scheduled day:

1. A letter from your employer on company letterhead.

2. We have to verify your employment with the Human Resources Department,

owner, etc. A shift supervisor is not acceptable for initial verification.

3. The letter must include start and completion times, and days worked.

4. You must earn at least minimum wage.

5. You must be paid by payroll check, with taxes being withheld. No cash jobs.


Q: What will I need if I am self-employed?

A: You need the following if you are to be self-employed and they must be the original documents, which we will make copies of and return to you:

1. Tax returns for last year including Schedule C for business with Federal Tax I.D number.

2. Or social security number if sole proprietor.

3. Business bank statement with your company name and Federal Tax I.D number.

4. Business phone statement and the business name and business address.

5. Federal Tax ID number on a federal form.

6. Wisconsin resale tax number.

7. Proof of any or all required business insurance.

8. Required licenses.

9. Signed contacts (past, present and future).

Your self-employment approval will be based on the documents that you turn in, so the more items listed that you turn in the easier the approval will be.


Q: What will I need if I’m on Huber for childcare?

A: You need a birth certificate naming you as a parent.

1. If you are the legal guardian you must provide original documents from the court.

2. A letter from the employer of the caregiver other than you in the manner listed under the work heading.


Q: What is allowed in the Huber dorm?

A:  Wrist watch.

A: A plastic encased wind up alarm clock


Q: How much are the Huber fees?

A: You are required to carry $210.00 when reporting to jail. This includes $30.00 Booking Fee. This amounts to $20.00 per day. It is the policy of the jail to collect these nine days in advance.


Q: What should I do if I work out of state?

A: If you work outside the state you will not be permitted to go unless granted by the court, and it is indicated on your Judgment of Conviction.


Q: What if I have other Huber questions?

A: If your questions were not answered here you can direct them to the Huber dorm 636-3478.