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What is the Tax Inquiry Page

The tax inquiry page allows you to utilize useful information on your property. You can see the information on your tax bill as well as print your tax bill, you can do a survey search and sales history search on your property and there is a link to the GIS system as well.


How it works:

  • First there will be an option to do a parcel search. This is what is going to find your property for the tax information. You can search by First/Last name, street name/number and Parcel ID.
  • Once you find the property you are looking for, you can access the tax information. You can view the property information sheet, print your tax bill and view the GIS map of your property.
  • Then if you wish you can either do a survey search or sales history search of your property. If you click the tab and there are no results then their either is not a survey on the property or there is no sales history recorded.

If there is a document, like a warranty deed for example, that you would like to purchase, If you click on that particular document it will bring you to our Landshark page where you can purchase a copy of that document.

This Tax Inquiry page is a beneficial program for you so that you can access vital information on your property.