Tax Bills

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Tax bills are mailed to property owners in mid-December. You are still responsible to pay your property taxes in a timely manner, whether or not you have received your tax bill. (§74.09(6))

Additional information about property taxes can be found on the Racine County Treasurer's page.


 C. Burlington  YES
 T. Burlington  YES
 V. Caledonia  YES
 T. Dover  YES
 V. Elmwood Park  YES
 V. Mount Pleasant  YES
 V. North Bay  YES
 V. Norway  YES
 V. Raymond  YES
 V. Rochester  YES
 V. Sturtevant  YES
 V. Union Grove  YES
 T. Waterford  YES
 V. Waterford  YES
 V. Wind Point  YES
 V. Yorkville  YES



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Where do I pay my Taxes? 

  • 1st installment is paid to the local municipality (From December to the end of January)

  • 2nd installment is paid to the Racine County Treasurer. (February to November)

  • For City of Racine properties; contact the City of Racine Treasurer from December to July.

I need to update my Mailing Address.

  •  You may call our office to have your mailing address for your tax bill updated or you can submit a request online. Click here for more information and to begin the process.

Who is responsible for the taxes when property has been split?

  •  Real estate tax bills are sent out as the property existed on January 1st of the taxing year. An individual should discuss the payment of taxes with a Title Company representative or an Attorney prior to closing to determine how real estate taxes will be apportioned.

Why does it say “DEED IN ERROR” on my tax bill?

  •  “DEED IN ERROR” on a tax bill provides notification to the owner that some aspect of an original recording of a conveyance document is in error. The Land Description Office will contact the drafter that processed the document and notify them of the discrepancy. The problem is usually corrected at that level. It is advisable for an individual to contact either the Land Description Office or the Attorney or Title Company that processed the document about the error to determine the necessary steps needed to correct it.