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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What if you do not have the address or parcel number but you know the general location of the property?

  • What is the Municipality?

  • How do I find out what a parcel of real estate sold for?

  • How do I find out the assessed value of a parcel of real estate?

  • How do I find out who owns a parcel of real estate?

  • What is the legal description for a property?

  • Do you have the tax key number for a property?

  • How can I get a survey of a property?

  • Do you know the location of a property?

  • Do you have the assessment information for a property?

  • Do you know the owner and mailing address for a particular property?

  • What is the lot size for a property?

  • What is the square footage, year built, and/or stories of a building or house?

  • I would like to get sale prices for several properties surrounding a specific area.

  • How can I obtain a copy of a document (i.e. deed, mortgage, satisfaction, etc.)?

  • Where can I find out about the easements on a specific property?

  • We recently paid off the mortgage on our home. When will get a new deed showing that we no longer owe the bank anything?

  • What help can the Register of Deeds office provide for drafting my own real estate documents?

  • I need the recording information (document number, volume & page, date, etc) from a previously recorded document. How can I obtain this information?

  • How can I find out the sale price from the previous sale of a specific property?

  • Can I do my own title search?

  • I am considering buying a parcel of real estate. How can I find out what liens, if any, have been filed against it?

  • Do you provide assistance with my genealogy searches?

  • How do I get a copy of a birth certificate, death certificate or marriage certificate?