Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR)

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Wisconsin Department of Revenue

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What is eRETR?

If you are filing a deed with the Register of Deeds office, you need to file a Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return Form.  That form can ONLY be done on-line using the Department of Revenue’s website. (Please be aware that we can NOT assist in the completion of this form or any other legal document)


How to Fill out Form:

First go to the Link listed on the front of the brochure. Then follow the directions below:

  • Click “start”


  • You are going to be entering many screens of questions


  • Click “next” on the bottom of each screen to take you to the next screen.


  • When you have completed all of the screens and you get to the end should see a GREEN submit button at the end.  If you do NOT see a green submit button, but instead a RED submit button, that means you have errors that need to be fixed.


  • In order to fix the errors, you need to look thru each screen to see where the mistakes may be.  If you find a red stop sign, that is where the error is.  You will also then see a light bulb suggesting a solution to the problem.


  • Once you see a GREEN SUBMIT BUTTON, you need to PRINT THE RECEIPT.   You will get only ONE chance to print it. The receipt is what needs to be turned in with the deed.


If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Revenue at either 608.264.6885 or 608.266.1594. They can also be reached by email at: