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Welcome to the Register of Deeds Office



 On May 10, 2019, Governor Tony Evers appointed Connie Cobb Madsen as Racine County Register of Deeds. “With her impressive record of public service and her commitment to Racine County, I am confident that Connie Cobb Madsen will be an exceptional register of deeds,” Evers said. “She has the background and vision necessary to continue and expand upon the innovative, efficient work seen at the Racine County Register of Deeds Office.” A former Racine County employee, Mrs. Madsen has two decades of experience in public service and local government. A Racine native and Marquette University graduate, Mrs. Madsen is committed to providing excellence in service to Racine County.


 More about the Register of Deeds Office:

Our office processes more than 30,000 documents each year.  Like many other counties, we utilize computerized indexing and high speed scanning equipment to process these documents as efficiently as possible.

In 2003 Racine County became the 10th county in the nation to begin accepting completely electronic documents.  In this model, financial institutions create satisfactions of mortgages in a web-based application that submits these documents to our electronic recording server via the Internet.  The documents are never converted to paper.  The system has built-in edits to ensure that all required information is included.  Endorsements are applied electronically.  Indexing is completely automated.  No manual data entry is required.  The entire process takes only 45 seconds!

We have all of our documents dating back to the early 1900’s available online and the majority of our surveys as well. Our mapping system has been upgraded from a clunky and outdated map system to an award winning gallery of maps that are all very user friendly. We have made many technological advances over the years, and continually looking for more ways to improve our processes to make them as lean as possible.

Our teams’ main focus is to serve the people of our county with the highest level of respect and customer service. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have. We truly look forward to serving you.