Outdoor Temporary Beer Gardens

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Application & Guidelines for Outdoor Temporary Beer Gardens


  • An outdoor beer garden is defined as an open air, roofed or unroofed area in appropriately licensed premises, where beer is served or consumed.
  • Temporary beer gardens in Racine County parks, which constitute public property, will be subject to the following limitations:
    • no applicant may operate more than two events per calendar year
    • no events may exceed four days in length
  • Approvals may be required via the following municipal offices / committees:
    • Racine County Department of Public Works & Development Services
    • Municipal Clerk
    • Racine County Public Works, Parks & Facilities Committee
    • Racine County Board
  • Applicant is responsible for gaining approval for appropriate alcohol licensure(s)
  • Applicant must abide by all federal, state and local laws / regulations / ordinances governing beer gardens and alcoholic beverages
  • Please see application and guidelines for additional requirements