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Foster Care

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Racine County Foster Care 

Foster care placements are needed for children who cannot be safely cared for in their own homes. Racine County foster homes enable children to remain in their community and provide a loving and safe environment for foster children. Foster care is a temporary home for children until they can return to their own homes.

Children in foster care come from different backgrounds and have different needs.  They range in age from newborns to teenagers.  They are of all races and nationalities.  The one thing they have in common is the need for a safe and supportive environment in which they can grow, emotionally and physically.


How do I become a Foster Parent?

Racine County Foster Care assess all applicants and provide the opportunity for prospective foster parents to assess themselves before they accept the role of foster parent.

You can call 262-638-6356 to obtain information and discuss your questions with a foster care specialist.

If your family wishes to move forward, a Foster Care Program specialist will come to your home to acquaint you with the process and explain the forms, training and process you will be asked to complete.

The Foster Care Program specialist will schedule a home study/visit(s) with each prospective foster family to determine whether state licensing requirements are met. Part of the state requirements include a criminal background check, personal references, proof of physical health and insurances.

The process takes from 2-3 months. Racine County Foster Care staff will be available every step of the way to guide and support you through the process.

Prior to a home having a placement of a child, each foster parent is required to complete 36 hours of initial training and 10 hours of on-going training per year. Foster Care licenses are reviewed for re-licensing every 2 years.

When approved, a family is then considered available to care for foster children. The request of the foster parents as well as the individual needs of the child will determine when a placement occurs in your home.

Racine County Foster Care

1717 Taylor Avenue

Racine, WI 53403



Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap is a self-sustaining volunteer program that bridges the gap so that children awaiting placement are provided with support and compassionate care from a volunteer caregiver while they are pending the transition into foster or kinship care placement. 

Click here to complete Bridging The Gap Training Video and click below for training handouts. If you have questions about the training, contact Rebecca Watkins at 262.638.6574.



Is a short film (documentary) by local filmmaker Joey Papa that seeks to raise awareness ABOUT the foster care crisis in Southeastern Wisconsin and throughout our nation.   Click here to watch



Foster Care Toolbox

The Foster Care Toolbox is a compilation of forms, resources, policies and information for those interested in fostering, for current foster parents and for foster children.   Click Here


Meet Katy Grennier… Master’s Degree Holder, World Traveler, Owner of a Global Company, Nominated Forbes 30 under 30, Former Racine County Foster Child


This is part 1 of a 2-part special sharing Katy’s story

Katy shares her foster care experiences, thoughts and offers insight and solutions on how to improve the child welfare system.  Must watch!


Interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent?

To learn more about Foster Care, we invite you to attend an upcoming informational session:

February 15, 2020  - 10-11:30am, Journey Church, 201 S Kendrick Ave, Burlington, WI 

February 19, 2020  - 5:30-7pm, Dennis Kornwolf Service Center, 1717 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI, Classroom D

March 18, 2020  - 5:30-7pm, Dennis Kornwolf Service Center, 1717 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI, Classroom D

March 21, 2020  - 10-11:30am, Journey Church, 201 S Kendrick Ave, Burlington, WI 

April 15, 2020  - 5:30-7pm, Dennis Kornwolf Service Center, 1717 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI, Classroom D

April 18, 2020  - 10-11:30am, Journey Church, 201 S Kendrick Ave, Burlington, WI

May 16, 2020  - 10-11:30am, Journey Church, 201 S Kendrick Ave, Burlington, WI

May 20, 2020  - 5:30-7pm, Dennis Kornwolf Service Center, 1717 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI, Classroom D

June 17, 2020  - 5:30-7pm, Dennis Kornwolf Service Center, 1717 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI, Classroom D

June 20, 2020  - 10-11:30am, Journey Church, 201 S Kendrick Ave, Burlington, WI

July 15, 2020  - 5:30-7pm, Dennis Kornwolf Service Center, 1717 Taylor Ave, Racine, WI, Classroom D

July 18, 2020  - 10-11:30am, Journey Church, 201 S Kendrick Ave, Burlington, WI

These events require registration. To RSVP and save a seat or two, please call Jessica Scheeler, 262-638-6595 or email at


Call us at 262-638-6356 or complete the on-line application and email us at  

  Click here to listen to what Lesia says about being a foster parent. 

 Click here to hear what Robyn says about fostering.

 Click here to listen to what Lisa and Jason Hempel say about being foster parents.


 Other Ways to Help

 Every day, foster parents graciously open their hearts, homes and lives to children in need.  They deserve the admiration and gratitude of the community. Here are other ways you can help a child in need:

  • Provide a free or discounted service to foster families such as hair cuts, house cleaning, restaurant meals, movie passes, music lessons, etc.

 Contribute money or donate goods such as new car seats, school supplies, or support our partner agencies.

 Assist in recruitment efforts in the community by displaying posters, distributing brochures or hold a recruitment event.

    Offer a foster teen a job or become a mentor.