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Your Service Center offers a large variety of services, so we will go over some of the most frequently used and some of the more interesting offerings here.  These including Printing, Mailing, Binding, Folding and Inserting.


We are capable of printing in grayscale or full color from smaller than business cards to 30 inches wide and as long as you require.  We can also print edge to edge full color or grayscale envelopes.  Variable data such as addresses or QR codes are possible with provided lists.  Our printing is toner based and therefore a color image will cost the same whether one color is used, or four.  Also, the quantity of color on a page will not effect the price.


We do mass mailings!  We can print, fold, insert, meter, and mail.  Whether it is forms, notices, invitations, or appeals, we will handle it for you.  Postcards, reply envelopes, rsvp cards, and more are also well within our ability.  Please, contact us if you have questions about mailings.


There are many binding options, so lets go through them to make sure you get exactly what you want and imagined.

Saddle Stitch

A saddle stitched booklet is folded in half and stapled on the fold.  This saves of paper and printing costs.  However, it is most useful for smaller booklets, under 30 sheets, as staking too many pages leads to problematic closings and insecure staples.

Side Staples

Stapling twice on the side makes for a cleanly stacked book.  This is nice for midsized books, up to 150 pages.

Comb Binding

These are black combs put through punched holes in the document so that the end product has a black spine.  These can be nearly any size.

Folding and/or Inserting

You have several options when it comes to folding.  Whether it is brochures, newsletters, or notecards, we can find the fold for you.  Letter fold, or 'C' fold, is the most commonly used for brochures and letters.  It's companion, the 'Z' fold is similar, but the bottom third is fold back rather than into the top fold.  Half, double half, and eve gate are available.

Inserting goes hand in hand with folding for mailings.