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Staff Directory

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V, AliciaAccount Clerk IIClerk of Courts(262) 636-3188
M, KarinaAccount Clerk IIClerk of Courts(262) 636-3251
H, MelissaAccount Clerk IIClerk of Courts(262) 636-3109
M, MaryEllenAdministrative AssistantClerk of Courts(262) 636-3508
P, JenniferAdministrative Assistant - WarrantClerk of Courts(262) 636-3203
M, ChristinaAdministrative Assistant - WarrantClerk of Courts(262) 833-8774
Bruno, EmilyAdministrative DeputyClerk of Courts(262) 636-3112
N, BonnieAppeals ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3830
Hardy, LaurieCase Manager - Civil, Family & ProbateClerk of Courts(262) 636-3158
Vanderhoef, AmyCase Manager - Felony CourtClerk of Courts(262) 636-3311
S, KarenClerical SupportClerk of Courts(262) 636-3155
A, TiaClerical SupportClerk of Courts(262) 636-3156
V, JoshuaClerical Support - ScanningClerk of Courts
H, PaulaClerk IIClerk of Courts(262) 636-3145
Christensen, SamuelClerk of Circuit CourtClerk of Courts(262) 636-3333
B, LindaClerk, Branch 1 Judge LaufenbergClerk of Courts(262) 636-3787
P, CalynClerk, Branch 10 Judge BoyleClerk of Courts(262) 636-3151
H, JamieClerk, Branch 2 Judge GasiorkiewiczClerk of Courts(262) 636-3134
B, TarynClerk, Branch 3 Judge MartinezClerk of Courts(262) 636-3867
B, AnnClerk, Branch 4 Judge NielsenClerk of Courts(262) 636-3146
B, JenniferClerk, Branch 5 Judge PiontekClerk of Courts(262) 636-3131
R, CarrieClerk, Branch 6 Judge PaulsonClerk of Courts(262) 636-3313
C, CherriClerk, Branch 7 Judge FredricksonClerk of Courts(262) 636-3159
K, TracyClerk, Branch 8 Judge FlancherClerk of Courts(262) 636-3957
K, AntoinetteClerk, Branch 9 Judge RepischakClerk of Courts(262) 636-3875
P, ChristineCollections ClerkClerk of Courts
W, HannahDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3148
M, RashaeDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3181
R, HeidiDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3141
R, LindaDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3854
S, MicheleDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3745
A, SondraDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3149
F, HannaDeputy Court ClerkClerk of Courts(262) 636-3773
J, RhondaFelony/Warrant SupportClerk of Courts
Robash, AshleyJury CoordinatorClerk of Courts(262) 636-3108
H, SamanthaSmall Claims AdministratorClerk of Courts(262) 636-3144
F, DeeSmall Claims SupportClerk of Courts(262) 636-3830