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The Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously approved a gradual transition to mandatory electronic filing in the circuit courts. The new eFiling rule is enacted as Wis. Stat. § 801.18..

Racine County is a MANDATORY eFiling county as of March 1, 2017.  At present, attorneys and high-volume filing agents are required to eFile the following case types:

  • civil (CV) and small claims (SC);
  • family (FA) and paternity (PA);
  • criminal (CR, CM, & CT), traffic (TR), and ordinance (FO);
  • formal (PR) and informal probate (IN);
  • guardianship (GN) and commitment (ME); and
  • judgment and lien (CL, CO, FJ, HL, OL, & TJ) case types.

The following case types are VOLUNTARY in Racine County:

  • adoption (AD),
  • commitment of an inmate (CI),
  • complex forfeiture (CX), 
  • John Doe (JD) 
  • juvenile adoption (JA),
  • juvenile CHIPS (JC), 
  • juvenile guardianship (JG), and
  • juvenile civil commitment (JM) cases.
  • juvenile civil law and ordinance violations (JO),
  • juvenile delinquency (JV), and
  • juvenile termination of parental rights cases (TP).

More information can be found on the Wisconsin Court's Website: eFile/eCourts

Electronic filing user guides and video tutorials are available here.