Court Officials

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Clerk of Circuit Court

The Clerk of Circuit Court is a Wisconsin Constitutional Officer elected every four years by the voters of Racine County. Clerks of Circuit Court are governed by Wisconsin Statutes in all duties. Responsibilities at the circuit court level involve a variety of duties such as: court proceedings record management; jury management; collections of fines, fees, forfeitures, assessments and surcharges as ordered by the court. Administratively, the Clerk of Circuit Court is accountable for the budgeting and administering of trial court resources, developing effective policies and procedures, and maintaining courteous, proficient, and professional services in the operations of the circuit court system.

Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Samuel A. Christensen (2015 to Present)

Circuit Court Judges

There are currently ten Circuit Court Judges serving Racine County.  Judges are elected to 6-year terms.

Judges are distributed among the various divisions of the courts as follows: Civil Court (2), Misdemeanor/Traffic Court (2), Family Court (1), Family Court/Probate (1), Felony Court (3), and Juvenile Court (1).   In Racine County, a portion of the judges rotate from one division to another in early August of every even numbered year.


  • Deputy Chief Judge Hon. Timothy D. Boyle (2012 to Present), Branch 10
  • Hon. Faye M. Flancher (2002 to Present), Branch 8
  • Hon. Jon E. Fredrickson (2018 to Present), Branch 7 
  • Hon. Eugene A. Gasiorkiewicz (2010 to Present), Branch 2
  • Hon. Wynne P. Laufenberg (2017 to Present), Branch 1
  • Hon. Maureen M. Martinez (2019 to Present), Branch 3
  • Hon. Mark F. Nielsen (2016 to Present), Branch 4
  • Hon. David W. Paulson (2015 to Present), Branch 6
  • Hon. Michael J. Piontek (2012 to Present), Branch 5
  • Hon. Robert S. Repischak (2017 to Present), Branch 9

Reserve/Retired Judges

  • Hon. Charles Constantine 
  • Hon. Dennis Costello
  • Hon. Dennis Flynn
  • Hon. Wayne Marik
  • Hon. Emily S. Mueller
  • Hon. Gerald P. Ptacek
  • Hon. Stephen Simanek
  • Hon. Allan Torhorst
  • Hon. Emmanuel Vuvunas

Circuit Court Commissioners

Circuit Court Commissioners are appointed and directed by the Circuit Court Judges to help administer the judicial process through the exercise of quasi-judicial authority in matters authorized by statute. Racine County currently employs one full-time Judicial Court Commissioner, one full-time Family Court Commissioner, and five part-time Deputy Family Court Commissioners. Part-time (or Supplemental) Court Commissioners hear a variety of case types throughout all divisions.

Family Court Commissioner

  • Hon. Lorene Mozinski

Deputy Family Court Commissioners

  • Georgia Herrera
  • Victoria Oleniczak
  • Timothy Evans (Temporary)

Judicial Court Commissioner

  • Hon. Alice Rudebusch

Supplemental Court Commissioners

  • John Becker 
  • John Bjelajac
  • Kristin Cafferty
  • Patrick Cafferty
  • Timothy Daley
  • Brett Ekes
  • Robert Goepel
  • Daniel Gruhn
  • Terrance Kallenbach
  • Joe Kremkoski
  • Joseph Moratore Jr
  • Wendy Paul
  • Mark Lukoff
  • Michael Phegley
  • Pamela Popken
  • Mark Richards
  • Stephen Simanek
  • John Barry Stutt
  • Michael Younglove