Delinquent State Tax

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Delinquent tax warrants are filed with the Circuit Court by the State of Wisconsin on behalf of the Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). They are filed in the county in which the individual resides, where the property is located, or where the business operates or operated. Tax warrants are different than Arrest or Bench Warrants issued by a Judge or Court Commissioner.

The different types of warrants filed include:

  • Sales Tax Warrants
  • Withholding Tax Warrants
  • Income Tax Warrants
  • Corporate Tax Warrants
  • Unemployment Tax Warrants
  • Workman's Compensation Warrants
  • Benefit Warrants

Most tax warrants filed since 1997 can be found electronically at If you are unable to locate a warrant electronically that was issued as early as 1987, you may go to the Administrative offices of the Racine County Clerk of Circuit Court on the 8th Floor of the Racine County Courthouse to review a hard copy of the warrant. Please note most retention rates, not all, for the Delinquent state tax warrants are 20 years.

For more detailed information about Tax Warrants see §108.22(2) & (3), §71.91(5), §71.67(3), §72.30(7), §72.86(4), §77.26, §77.62, §77.76, §78.70, §102.82 and §139 of the Wisconsin Statutes.